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In 1931, the younger Kurt Gödel released his First Incompleteness Theorem, which tells us that, for any sufficiently wealthy idea of mathematics, there are a few arithmetical truths the idea can't end up. This amazing result's one of the such a lot exciting (and so much misunderstood) in common sense. Gödel additionally defined an both major moment Incompleteness Theorem. How are those Theorems validated, and why do they matter?  Peter Smith solutions those questions by way of proposing an strange number of proofs for the 1st Theorem, displaying how you can turn out the second one Theorem, and exploring a family members of similar effects (including a few now not simply to be had elsewhere). The formal causes are interwoven with discussions of the broader value of the 2 Theorems. This e-book can be obtainable to philosophy scholars with a constrained formal historical past. it really is both appropriate for arithmetic scholars taking a primary direction in mathematical good judgment.

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16 3 Axiomatized formal theories G¨ odel’s Incompleteness Theorems tell us about the limits of theories of arithmetic. Or rather, more carefully, they tell us about the limits of axiomatized formal theories of arithmetic. But what exactly does this mean? This chapter starts exploring the idea and proves some elementary results about axiomatized formal theories in general. 1 Formalization as an ideal Rather than just dive into a series of definitions, it is well worth pausing to remind ourselves of why we care about formalized theories.

7 Now we need to deal with the logical vocabulary. First, there are the usual rules for assigning truth-conditions to sentences built up out of simpler ones using the propositional connectives. That leaves the quantifiers to deal with. Take the existential case. Here’s one way of telling the story. Intuitively, if the quantifier is to range over people, then ‘∃xFx’ is true just if there is someone we could temporarily dub using the new name ‘c’ who would make ‘Fc’ come out true (because that person is wise).

Similarly A sentence of the form ∀ξϕ(ξ) is true iff, for any n, ϕ(n) is true. And then it is easy to see that IA will, as we want, effectively assign a unique truth-condition to every LA sentence. e. (S0 + SS0) = SSS0, is true just so long as one plus two is three. e. e. so long as four is even). But, by any normal arithmetical standards, one plus two is three, and four is even. So by the same workaday standards, those two LA -sentences are indeed true. Later, when we come to present G¨odel’s Theorems, we’ll describe how to take an arithmetical theory T built in the language LA , and construct a sentence GT which turns out to be ‘true but unprovable-in-T ’.

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